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Unknown Facts about the Site:

  1. 4.7 Trillion dollar Industry PER YEAR, we are the only site that covers EVERY PART of the film crew business.
  2. We offer more jobs (for the "film crew community") then Craigslist.
  3. We have a patented rating system. Employers can rate the Employee's and Employee’s can rate their Employer.
  4. At the end of EVERY movie when you see the credits rolling, they list Cooks, Accountants, Drivers...all are part of the film crew community.
  5. Anyone in the world can post for free. No sign-up is necessary.
  6. We are focused on getting students, who are still in school or recently graduated more jobs (by getting them rated) so that the other professionals on our site can hire them later.
  7. We have the fastest interface to post/search as well as submit your resume.
  8. We are the only site to offer 10 pictures and 10 YouTube links per post.
  9. Jobs in the film crew Industry are 37% higher than in any industry.
  10. We have an excess supply (jobs, locations & equipment), versus the demand (members applying to them).
  11. We offer group discounts & customizable coupon codes per group.
  12. We have 2,000 FB fans & 6,000 Twitter followers.
  13. We have 8-12 daily posts from all over the world.
  14. We offer full previews of our jobs, locations & equipment on our RSS Feed, FB & Twitter pages so that people can view them before needing to sign-up.
  15. Membership is a flat $4 MONTHLY or $40 ANNUAL fee. We are in the business of helping; therefore our price is in place to beat anyone. (Craigslist & eBay both charge you to post...we don't).
  16. We provide members and non-members an unlimited amount of free posts.
  17. We offer large discounts to schools/associations/groups.
  18. From Accountants to Animal Trainers, Foodies to Focus Pullers…Everyone can be a member on this site.

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