↓ What is iCrewz?

iCrewz is the place where crewz meet jobs. Producers can find crewz and crewz can find work. Our System not only allows registered members to check out daily job posts and search for crewz, but they can search all locations and equipment as well.

↓ Are you affiliated with any other crew websites?

No, we are not affiliated with any other crew websites or companies.

↓ Is iCrewz restricted to just the U.S.?

iCrewz is anywhere you can think of. We have developed this system to be international so if you wish to work in Europe, Asia or anywhere else, feel free to search.

↓ What is the iR8 system?

When using iCrewz you have the ability to be rated for the hard work you put into each job, increasing your hiring potential. After working a cool gig the patented system automatically sends a request to the submitter 30 days after he/she was hired. The submitter can either accept it, rate you and leave a comment or deny the request. Once they accept the request then a score will be given based on your work ethics for that job.οΎ  The harder you work the more work you can get.


↓ Can non-members post?

Yes. They can also receive responses to their posts via email, but cannot view or use the other applications available until they've become a member.

↓ Can people apply to my post?

Yes. They can also send a message (or cover letter) with their resume if they choose to do so.

↓ Can I view my posts?

Only paid members can view your posts.

↓ Do I lose all of my posts once I become a member?

No. If you subscribe within 30 days from your first post then all of your PUBLIC POSTS get saved to your new subscription provided that you use the same email address.

↓ How long do I have before my posts are erased?

All posts expire after 90 days.

↓ Is there a limit to how many posts I can make?

No. Feel free to post as much as you'd like!

↓ Can I post something that’s not from me?

Yes. If you see something that might be of value to an iCrewzer; a cool job, location or available equipment, you can post it as a "Public Post." The person will get a notice of the AD [provided you include their email address] should someone respond to it.


↓ Do you offer a student discount on the yearly subscription?

Yes. Ask your school union if they have one or send an email to billing@icrewz.com to see if your school is partnered with us.

↓ How much is it to join?

Sign up is free! Create, share and market your resume to iCrewers at no cost.
To take advantage of the site in its entirety, including applying for jobs, rent locations/equipment, hire crew and get rated, we offer 2 type of subscriptions: $4/monthly or $40/yearly. School and group discounts are also available.

↓ Do I have to pay for the entire year?

No. We offer a $4 monthly membership.

↓ Why don’t you offer a 30-day trial period?

The main reason why we don't offer a trial period is because we have a patented rating system that works with our paid members to insure that employers and employees can rate each other. If we offered a 30 day trial period people wouldn't get the opportunity to go through the system and get rated.

↓ What methods of payment are accepted?

We accept all major credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover Card and Diners Club.



↓ How do I upload pictures?

You must first save the post before uploading a photo.

↓ How do I upload videos?

First save the post before uploading the video. Then go to YouTube and upload your video, copy paste the URL code that is found on the far right side and add that code in the field.

↓ How many profile pictures/videos am I allowed?

You are allowed 10 pictures and 10 videos on your profile page.


↓ What is the extent of content that I can post?

Please consult our "Terms of Use" sited on the footnotes.

↓ How do I post jobs, locations or equipment?

Move your mouse over the large black words on the home page. A drop down menu will appear asking you to either Find or Post. Click Post and a window will appear. Simply fill out the fields provided in detail and press Post.

↓ How long will it take for my post to appear?

Your post will appear immediately after pressing "Post."

↓ Can I post multiple crew member positions in one post?

You must post each job individually because once one person is hired all the applications disappear. In addition, the system can't rate a group, only an individual.

↓ Can I include multiple locations in one post?

No. Each available location must be posted individually.


↓ Why was my post deleted?

Your post was deleted because it was either flagged for misuse, misconduct, bad language or it did not follow the usage terms of agreement.


↓ How do I view more pages?

You can either use the filter at the top or the navigation pages at the bottom.


↓ When I apply to a post does my contact info automatically get sent?

If you're responding to a "Public Post" you can choose to enclose you resume or not. If you're applying to a "Members Post" then your resume is automatically sent along with your message.

↓ What should I do if someone harasses or targets me?

Immediately email us at abuse [at] icrewz [dot] com and ask to have the posting removed and the user's account monitored. Please have documentation of abuse handy for expedited action.

↓ I saw a post that I strongly disagree with. Can I respond?

If the post is against our "Terms of Use" please email us at abuse [at] icrewz [dot] com and we will handle it.

↓ Do you have special requirements for movers or haulers?

The State of California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) requires firm moving household goods to show a T-number in their ad. For information or to check a T-number, call the CPUC at (800)366-4782, or go to http://www.CPUC.ca.gov

↓ What should I do if I don’t hear from a job that I get booked on?

If you have made attempts to contact the employer and failed, continue your job search, as you will only increase your potential for future work. Unfortunately there are times in this industry where jobs fall through and it is out of our control.

↓ What should I do if I don’t get paid as advertised?

Make sure to create a working contract fully outlining your job expectations with the hiring party prior to accepting the job. If you are not compensated correctly for working a job try to resolve this matter with the hiring party. iCrewz is not responsible for any agreements between crew and the hiring party. However, please inform us of any incidents so that we can flag the hiring party and keep them from posting again.

MY FOLDER-My Profile

↓ How do I post a profile picture?

After logging in, open "my profile" in the My Folder area located to the right. Click on the Upload button and it will allow you to post a new picture of yourself. You are only allowed to upload one profile picture.

↓ How do I get to my menu bar?

Once logged in, click on the "My Folder" tab and the menu bar will slide out.

↓ How do I change my password?

Navigate to "my profile" add the new password and confirm it.

↓ How do I change my current location?

Navigate to "my profile" add the new address and save it.

↓ Can I use an Alias name?

To purchase and renew memberships you must enter the name as it appears on your credit card. This is also the name that will be on your profile, therefore Alias names are not accepted.


↓ Can my resume be viewed by the public?

Only iCrewz members can view your resume publicly. If you chose to send your resume when replying to a "Public Post", others can then view it as well. You also have the option to share your resume with others using the link provided to you in your profile.

↓ How many jobs can I post?

You may add as many as you wish, but bear in mind not to group them into one post. Each job must be added individually as the rating and application will not work properly otherwise.

↓ How many pictures and videos can I upload?

You can upload a total of 10 pictures and 10 videos.

↓ Can I find out the details of an iCrewer’s iR8?

Yes. Click on the "Check iR8" under the percentage total located at the top right of their profile.


↓ What is iR8?

A patented iCrewz rating system that gives you the ability to be rated for the post provided on a job, location or equipment opportunity, ultimately increasing your hiring/selling potential.
The system automatically sends a request to both parties (example; contractor and employer) 90 days after he/she was hired. The person can either accept it, rate you and leave a comment or deny the request. Once they accept the request then a score will be given based on the persons work ethics or customer service in relation to that job, location or equipment post. The harder you work/sell the more demand you get.

↓ How do I properly iR8 someone?

For someone who is present at work, realistically they should receive no score below 50%. Feel free to use our breakdown as a guide when you are using iR8.

50%-60% Poor
60%-70% Fair
70%-80% Average
80%-90% Good
90%+ Excellent

↓ When do I get a request for an iR8ing?

You'll receive a request 90 days after you've be hired/accepted.

↓ Does the other person also get an iR8?

Yes. The system automatically sends a request to both parties (example; contractor and employer) 90 days after he/she was hired. The person can either accept it, rate you and leave a comment or deny the request. Once they accept the request then a score will be given based on the persons work ethics or customer service in relation to that job, location or equipment post.

↓ How do I get someone to rate me using iR8?

You don't have to do anything. iR8 is an automatic rating system that will send out requests 90 days after a post was hired/accepted.

↓ My iR8 doesn’t reflect the work I did, what should I do?

Ratings are under the discretion of the hiring or submitting party. If you feel as though you didn't get the rating you deserved you may submit an email to ir8 [at] icrewz [dot] com (our iR8 review committee) and we will look into it, however we do not have the authority to change ratings.

↓ What happens if I delete an iR8 request?

The request is permanently deleted and you cannot rate him/her.

↓ Are iR8 comments viewable to others?

Yes. You can view comments you have written about others, or those that others have written about you in the "iCrewz Experience" box inside the resume.

MY FOLDER-Posted Stuff

↓ How do I see who has applied to my post?

In My Folder, simply click on the "Applied" star and find the post in reference.

↓ How do I hire or deny someone?

Navigate to My Folder and click "Postings". Double click the post in reference and scroll down to Applications. From there you may hire or deny an applicant.

↓ How do I delete a post?

Go to My Folder, click "Postings", scroll down and hit delete.

↓ What is the life span of my post?

All posts expire in 90 days.

MY FOLDER-Applications

↓ How do I view jobs/find-location/equipment I have applied for?

They are all saved in your "Postings".

↓ How do I know if my job/location/equipment post was accepted?

Look up the post you submitted. If it was accepted you will see a "Hired" stamp for job posts and a "Booked" stamp for location/equipment posts.


↓ How do I unsubscribe?

You may unsubscribe at anytime by sending an email to bill [at] icrewz [dot] com. Please Note: Subscriptions will be cancelled after the current subscription has run out.

↓ I want to subscribe, but is the site secure?

Yes. This site is extremely secure and all payments are processed through authorize.net which provides the strictest safety protocols, along with their seal of approval.


↓ Can we add a coupon after we’ve already subscribed?

No. Unfortunately a coupon can only be entered during sign up. However, if your school or institution is partnered with us and you've already subscribed, email bill [at] icrewz [dot] com and we can look up your school discount code.