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Adorama Rental Co has been in business since 1988 and has become the ultimate industry source for professional cinematographers, videographers and photographers. ARC rents and supports the full range of Still and Motion cameras (including Lenses & Accessories), Lighting, and Grip Equipment. We are a “one-stop” destination for all sorts of shoots, carrying the most comprehensive list of DSLR’s, Digital Backs, Video and Digital Cinema Cameras, Strobes & Continuous Lights, at rates that make sense.

Our mission is to provide the creative community with tools and services needed to achieve excellence.

Our goal is that you have a great rental experience. ARC has by far the best prices in the industry, carrying a large inventory of the latest equipment, maintained under the most rigorous quality control. In addition, our experts in the different fields of image making are available to consult with you on projects of every level, complexity or budget. Easy online ordering and free Curbside service also set ARC apart from its competitors.

Adorama has recently invested over 10 million dollars worth of new inventory to meet the demands of our customers, to keep pace with advances in technology and how images are created. We constantly work to improve, expand and diversify our product lines and services. We invite you to check out our inventory and look forward to providing our products and support for your next creative project. Happy Renting.

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