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GET-A-GRIP ATLANTA provides production equipment and CREWS for projects in Atlanta and the southeast. Get-A-Grip Atlanta offers lighting, electrical, camera and audio packages PLUS crew members!

Including: Director of Photography, gaffer, grip, electric, sound, makeup
PAs, Storyboard Artist crew members.

And of course:
35mm Camera rental (Arri BL4, Arri III, MoviCam, etc.)
Video camera rental (SD, HD, DV, etc.)
Additional lights
Cranes, etc.

For our Grip and Lighting equipment, we have:


3 - Jr. to Baby Adapters
Flex Arms
Baby Plates
4" Baby C-Clamps
4-1/2" Grip Heads
15lb. Sand Bags
35lb. Sand Bags
42" Reflectors, Silver
3'x6' Reflector
6'x6' Frames (Silk, Solid, Single, Double, and Griff --

One Each)
12' x12' Overhead
Mole Grips w/ One Baby Pin
Scissor Clips
Baby Bar Clamps
Furniture Clamps
Baby Pipe Clamps
Jr. Pipe Clamps
Jr. Baby C-Clamps
Maffer Clamps w/ Baby Pins
Baby Side Arm
Baby Offset Arm
Baby Triple Header
Jr. Wall Plates w/ Jr. Receiver
Jr. Offset
Jr. 8" C-Clamps w/ Jr. Receiver
2"x6" Wall Spreader
8" Baby C-Clamps with 2 Baby Pins
Jr. Side Arm
Baby Grid Clamps
Vice Chain Grip w/ Baby Pin
Tubing Hangers
Putty Knife w/ Baby Pin
8" C-Clamp
Gator Grip
Light Boom
Jr. Riser
Baby Riser
Baby Plates
Duck Bills
Spring Clamps
Assorted Sizes Apple Boxes and Wood Sets


1K Baby Solar Spots, Fresnels
2K Jr. Solar Spots
300 Watt, Fresnels
650 Watt Tweenies, Fresnels
1K Pars
650 Watt Quartz, Open Face
1K Set Light with Barn Doors

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