A Leading Actrees


United States (USA)
New York

Hi there. We are looking for a talented main actress to play in a horror movie
We, Anre Procuctions are looking a leading actress for our horror movie which entitled “Rite From Hell”
The story of this movie is about a group of young adults who begin a 'cabin within the woods' tenting retreat, solely to later fall prey to a sadistic cult. With old-fashioned slasher cinematography and tricks based on Eli Philip Roth films, 'Rite From Hell' is certain to own the audience at the sting of their seats. To sum, it will be a great horror movie and also great experience for you.

We are looking for a good looking actress, mid-to-late of 20's or early 30's. ideally it will be perfect if you are a long haired brunette (or you are willing to become brunette). Your average height should be between 5'5" and 5'9" (we think it is a normal height for American women) if you have moderate tattoos and piercings you do not have to worry, as it will be acceptable. Moreover, you should get used to nudity scene as it will be a thriller sadistic horror movie.
You will get paid if you are the one who we are seeking, $100 is just only for the promo teaser, and if you did great, there will be a possibility to work for other projects! And also you should have positive attitude and can work with team. In fact, we planned this movie to be filmed in the early November 2016, and so be hurry and prepared yourself with the acts. the film rate will be discussed later.
Do not ever hesitate to contact us via email if you are interested, newbie actress will be considered if you have great passion to this movie and in case you love horror.