Korean Interpreter / Roleplayer


United States (USA)

San Jose

Seeking Motivated Individuals for temporary position in the Special FX Industry.
Military and/or Law Enforcement Experience Preferred and Encouraged to apply, but not mandatory.

DATES: Approx. May 11 -- June 24, 2016

Job Title/s: Interpreters (Korean)

Job Site: Fort Hunter Liggett California and Camp Roberts California

Work Hours: Daily On Call -- (Possible Night Shifts/ With Overtime)

Job Requirements: 21 and over only, High School Diploma minimum, Valid & Clean Drivers License, Must Pass Back-Ground Check, U.S. Citizen, OK to travel, sober and professional appearance on the job. No exceptions.

Role-Player Experience Helpful (Not Mandatory).
Honorably Discharged Veterans encouraged to apply.

The Korean specific roles will be either as:
• An Interpreter - preferably younger, fit male or females, with fluent english (they will be riding in military humvees with the soldiers which can be hot and bumpy and is better for a younger/fitter person); and
• Key Leaders - young or old males or females who would be able to play the role of indignant or friendly mayors, police chiefs, doctors, scientists etc., in makeshift villages located around Fort Hunter Liggett.
Our general roles will play other minor roles, local farmers, villagers, inured or sick civilians requesting medical assistance etc. If they also speak Korean, that would only enhance the training, and we could utilize their language skills, however the pay rate would be that of a general roleplayer only.
• Interpreter roles are $20 per hour.
• General roles are $16 per hour.
The four key Korean Speaking personnel will need to be tested via a phone call for ACTFL Level 2 proficiency. Here is the link to these proficiency levels: http://www.actfl.org/publications/guidelines-and-manuals/actfl-proficiency-guidelines-2012/english

Here is the Korean Language Version:

If applicant qualifies, you will be paid for up to two evaluation/training days.

Compensation: Interpreters $20.00 Hr (15.73 + 4.27 Cal State H&W Benefits)
Compensation: Roleplayers $16.00 Hr (11.73 + 4.27 Cal State H&W Benefits)
Possible Overtime


Interview Dates: May 3rd through May 9th, 2016 9AM-4PM
Interview Location: KING CITY CALIFORNIA (location TBD)

How To Apply: submit your resume via email to schedule an interview.