Life Insurance Manager (Are tired of not making Money)


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Are you tired of delayed pay dates, underwriting woes, client declines, and chargeback? We here at The Care Plan have the solution for you. We here understand that there are a lot of companies out there and most insurance agents have their favorites.
I guarantee you faster pay dates with no waiting for underwriting and chargeback ƒor clients. If you give us a chance to be your number two option of where you place a piece of business that ìs hard to get approved we will earn a chance to be your number one option.

Make bonuses on every Application you turn in
- Build an independent busïness with ôur support.
- Determine your ôwn pace and schedule.
- Incøme that's based õn your perƒõrmance.
- Ïndustry-leading technology toøls that ïncludes our impressîve Smartphone App.
- Häve access tø a 1 Oƒ A Kind Prôduct that Guaräntees Success over yõur Competitìon (Hands Down)

- Self-motivatíôn and drive wíth the abilìty tõ wõrk independently
- Strông ethical principles
- Desire to guíde your own career
- Abilíty to communicate well and eãrn people's trust
- Passiõn for making a dífference for yøurself and your family
Insurance sales agents typically do the following:
• Call potential clients to expand their customer base
• Interview prospective clients to get data about their financial resources and discuss existing coverage
• Explain the features of various policies
• Analyze clients’ current insurance policies and suggest additions or changes
• Customize insurance programs to suit individual clients
• Handle policy renewals
• Maintain electronic and paper records
• Help policyholders settle claims

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