PR Rep for Feature Film

Public Relations Specalist

United States (USA)
New York

New York City

Myopia Pictures is looking for Public Relations Representative who can help with the theatrical and VOD release of our independent feature film "April Flowers". The film will be released in February and features a handful of recognized and up and coming talent.
Myopia Pictures is full-service production company specializing in videos for nonprofit organizations, corporations, and filmed entertainment. As ex-advertising agency people -- and storytelling experts -- we like to be involved from initial project conception, to post production, and everything in between.

We are inspired by the power of a good story, and fascinated by the evolving technology available to deliver it. And if there's one thing our wide range of experience has taught us, it's that every brand has a story. At Myopia Pictures, it's our job to bring that story to life and tell it in a way that emotionally connects with its audience.

We are a production company that believes in creating a human connection through artful filmmaking and thought-provoking films. Please visit our website for more information on who we are and sample video work.
Ideal candidate must have media contacts with the ability to gather the reviews and interviews for the film.

Job Description:
• 1) Plans and conducts public relations program designed to create and maintain favorable public image for employer or client: Plans and directs development and communication of information designed to keep public informed of employer's programs, accomplishments, or point of view.

• 2) Arranges for public relations efforts in order to meet needs, objectives, and policies of individual, special interest group, business concern, nonprofit organization, or governmental agency, serving as in-house staff member or as outside consultant.

• 3) Prepares and distributes fact sheets, news releases, photographs, scripts, motion pictures, or tape recordings to media representatives and other persons who may be interested in learning about or publicizing employer's activities or message.

• 4) Purchases advertising space and time as required.

• 5) Arranges for and conducts public-contact programs designed to meet employer's objectives, utilizing knowledge of changing attitudes and opinions of consumers, clients, employees, or other interest groups.

• 6) Promotes goodwill through such publicity efforts as speeches, exhibits, films, tours, and question/answer sessions.

• 7) Represents employer during community projects and at public, social, and business gatherings.

• 8) May research data, create ideas, write copy, lay out artwork, contact media representatives, or represent employer directly before general public.

• 9) May develop special projects such as campaign fund raisers or public awareness about political issues.

• 10) May direct activities of subordinates.

• 11) May confer with production and support personnel to coordinate production of television advertisements and on-air promotions.

• 12) May prepare press releases and fact sheets, and compose letters, using computer.

• 13) May disseminate facts and information about organization's activities or governmental agency's programs to general public and be known as Public Information Officer.

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