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Production Assistant

United States (USA)

Los Angeles

AFI Short being filmed in Los Angeles covering the subject matter of the Ferguson shooting. 4 day shoot from April 30 to May 3. One day of filming will be at CBS Radford lot. We are in need of PAs.

This is a credit only shoot. Their will be no pay, but food will provided on set along with coffee. PAs can and will work with Production, Camera, G&E, along with wrangling extras for some of the protest scenes at the CBS Radford lot. Prior experience not needed, but preferred. A strong work ethic and a team attitude works best for this shoot.

Here is the overall breakdown:

Shooting Dates Saturday, April 30th to Monday, May 2nd

Story Synopsis Based on a true story... as racial tensions boil to an all time high in America,
another young African American man is shot and killed by police in Ferguson, causing violent
protests and civil unrest. When Captain Ron Johnson, an African American police officer is
promoted as head of the street patrol, he finds himself in a position where he can do some good
for his community and tries to bridge the divide between the citizens of Ferguson and the Ferguson police.

We are in need of hard working and motivated PAs/

Attached is information on the shoot, we will be filming one day at the CBS Radford lot on the protest filming day. If you are interested please email back with your availability, certain areas you want to work in based off the Canfield Drive Info Sheet, and completed/signed/scanned Volunteer and Emergency forms.

We are looking for extra's too as this is a mass protest scene based on true events, so if you know of people that would be passionate about this story or want to work in the industry, please pass this along to them.