Producer for documentary/PSA shoots


United States (USA)
New York

New York

We are shooting a series of PSAs as well as a pitch for a documentary and several other videos, all for a good cause.

We need a producer to start immediately, working on site in NYC.

Preferably someone who has experience on documentary-style commercial shoots.

You'll be working with a two-time Emmy-winning director.

You can find company info at PublicInterest.TV.

Please reply with a short e-mail stating why you'd be a good fit for this. Include a resume and/or link to your work.

If you're not NYC-based, let us know whether you'd need us to cover your travel and living.

Give us an idea of what rate you'd require.


What we do
Public Interest is a 501(c)3 nonprofit that creates bold, attention-grabbing public service advertising. We specialize in making people pay attention.
Public Interest partners with other nonprofit organizations to help them deliver their message. We learn everything we can about our partners, their message and their audience. Then we do what it takes to get the message through.
Why we do it
Public Interest is run by a small group of people who want to change the world. We work only on causes that we believe in, and we won’t produce anything unless we are convinced it will succeed. Our goal is to make a difference.
Getting seen
Public Interest spots get seen. We will not produce great work only to see it stranded at 4:00 a.m. in the slots that no paying advertiser wanted. We get our work on the right networks at the right times. So far, networks and cable operators have donated more than $350 million to run our spots.
Networks & cable operators
Public Interest has produced more public service advertising for MTV than anyone except for the network itself. We have also partnered with VH1, CBS, Nickelodeon, UPN, Univision and other networks. And we created all national spots for Time Warner Cable’s recent $100M five-year initiative, Connect A Million Minds. These relationships are part of the reason our spots get on air.
Public Interest produces PSAs that are disguised as entertainment. No one walks away from the TV when our spots come on. We always do what it takes to make people pay attention. Top-notch production values are essential to achieving this.
Public Interest has a knack for turning tiny budgets into big production values. We have special relationships with entertainment industry vendors and crew that allow us to keep costs way down. We know that donor dollars are precious, and we leverage each dollar at least four-fold in producing our spots.
Not just TV spots
Public Interest creates campaigns that span TV, print, online, outdoor and guerilla. Communicating simultaneously in multiple mediums multiplies the chances of breaking through. Often most critical is earned media; we take great pride in our track record of creating news to focus attention on the issues our partners care about.

Michael Franzini has more than two decades of experience creating powerful ad campaigns for both nonprofit and corporate clients. His work has garnered dozens of ad industry awards.

Franzini is also an Emmy-Award-winning director, and his TV spots have twice been highlighted by The New York Times as being among the best advertising on television.

As a photographer and writer, Franzini has published several books, including One Hundred Young Americans, the definitive survey of 21st century American youth culture, released by HarperCollins.


Nicholas Carter is an accomplished television and print producer with a proven ability to maximize the impact of limited budgets, especially on geographically large-scale projects that span the country—or the globe.

Carter brings his peaceful and fun demeanor to every project, no matter how great the challenge. His goal is always to exceed expectations while staying on-time and on-budget, and he has a perfect record of achieving this goal on every project.