Production Assistant

Assistant Camera

United States (USA)
New York

We Need Prod assistant (PA) for the LSM event which will be held on October 16th

LDM show is an event which is located in New York City, USA. Specifically, LSM is a radio channel that is based in NYC. Many people will see the event, and we need you to become our Production assistant. The event will be showing two of the breast cancer walk on Sunday October 16th., and the filming will take about two hours. Accordingly, we need a production assistant to help us recording in the events, it will be better if you take your own camera when filming. There will be so many people there and so it is a chance for you to show your creativity by being a production assistant. Furthermore, you will also get compensation for us from twenty-five to fifty percent regarding the result of your work. We can continue for long term work if you show your skills and professionalism. Do you know if you became a production assistant expert you can get $200 a day? so do not waste this only one chance! Besides, you will get many other advantages such as meeting new people, learning from the expert, becoming usual, and boost your passion in this event. Do not hesitate to email us anytime you want, the event will be held shortly so prepare yourself to become the production assistant. If you are lucky enough you will meet a filmmaker that interested to work with you. Who knows, right? Take this free prospecting chance to build your future in a production film maker. Do not forget to bring your own camera to show us how professional you are! Let the world knows your skill and your ability because If not now, when?
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