Searching for screenwriter to collaborate with!


United States (USA)

New York

Hey! I am a filmmaker. My name is Craig and I'm a 24 year old. I have looking for interesting candidates that can collaborate with me to work on said script because; I have few ideas for writing a script and was wondering to work.
If you are thinking about a career as a screenwriter, you should possess strong writing talent, as well as creativity, patience, self-motivation, resiliency and an understanding of the filmmaking process. While no training is required in this field, many screenwriters pursue a degree or attend a training program in screenwriting.
Screenwriters work with directors and producers to write scripts for films or TV shows. Some may begin their careers as copywriters or writers for production companies. Screenwriters need to be able to work in a team and under pressure. A degree is not necessary, but many screenwriters perfect their skills through bachelor's degree programs or by enrolling in screenwriting certificate programs.

I'm thinking about submitting this script to a dear friend of mine who works with Netflix in California. 

Responsibilities of a Screenwriter
Screenwriters develop scripts derived from their own ideas or other existing ideas or work. When writing scripts, screenwriters are responsible for describing the stories in detail, including physical environments and the moods of the characters. Films and televisions shows require the use of these scripts. Prior to production of a film or show, screenwriters might produce a synopsis and several scenes of a story. A shooting script is then prepared. The shooting script entails camera, lighting and shot instructions.
During the preproduction process, screenwriters must take into account the ideas of directors and producers they are working with. They should possess the ability to work and collaborate with others. Screenwriters may be asked to rewrite or make various versions of the scripts they are working on.

Hopefully, you're a fan of science fiction, dark fantasy and psychological thrillers. Think Black Mirror, Children of Men and Prometheus. 

Anyway, I am looking forward to hear back from interested candidates soon!