Seeking Gaffer for Short Horror Thriller Film-“Bay For Blood” (Chicago

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United States (USA)


“Bay For Blood” Plot Summary (15 min):
James and Rob are hiding out in isolation to fix their mutual issues. As time progresses the two reveal facts regarding their disturbing past relationship. An acquaintance of James’, Jessica, finds herself in an uncomfortable position as she contemplates the best way to handle the situation. (Please email me if you would like more details regarding the plot of "Bay For Blood".


Rate: Paid By Check (Price is TBD; up for negotiations)

Payment: Check at the end of each shoot day (Up to and will likely be 4 Shooting Days.)


1. Bring his/her own lighting equipment to the film set for the shooting days.

2. Work with the director regarding the execution of the Lighting Plan

3. Deals in setting up lighting equipment in a timely efficient manner

4. Answering any questions the Director may have regarding lighting

Role Requirements:

1. To be an approachable team player

2. To have good time management skills

3. To have the ability to pay close attention to detail

4. To have the ability to plan ahead regarding lighting setups

Director's Bio:
Harry is a passionate filmmaker who has been watching movies since as long as he can remember. Some of his favorite films include, "Memento", "The Dark Knight", "The Lord of the Rings" trilogy, "Alien", etc. He has seen over 3,000 films and is as crazy about movies as any individual you will ever meet. Harry has worked on a number of various films, and has written, directed, and edited "515", "Enter the Room", and “In the Backseat”.

For More Info, Contact Information:

If you are interested in this project or have any other questions about this film, please contact me at

Also, feel free to visit my website. The link is listed here below.

Contact Name: Harry Waldman
Contact Email:
Contact Address: Chicago, Illinois, 60626, United States
Organization: Edgewater Film Productions