The Poison of Grapefruit

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Costume Designer

United States (USA)

Los Angeles

We are making a proof-of-concept short film based on the opening scene of The Poison of Grapefruit, a feature script that was recently in the top ten screenplays on Blacklist. We are looking for a volunteer crew for four days filming in late July in Los Angeles. We hope to use the demo to raise support for the full feature at a later date, in which cast will be fully compensated. We have a great team on board.

We are looking for a costume designer who can help us with some police uniforms, judge, convict, and miscellaneous other costumes.

The Poison of Grapefruit is a short film based on the opening scene of a feature length script. In this scene we meet Dr Benjamin Attlee, a psychiatrist who is on trial for the murder of one of his patients. Attleeā€™s manner is sharp and obnoxious, and he seems to provoke the worst instincts in almost everyone he interacts with, including the guards that are walking him to court and the Judge that is overseeing his case.

However, a chance incident in the courtroom makes him flashback to the moment when he brought his patient - a young girl called Esterline - out of her comatose state. Esterline clearly suffered terrible abuse in her early childhood, and she now wants to find her birth mother again - a woman who adopted her out when she was very young.

Back in court, Attlee seems intent on provoking the Judge further - this time making reference to her own personal background. Attlee reveals that as a young woman the Judge gave away her own daughter so she could pursue a law degree. The rage of the Judge is only tempered by the stinging realization that it is no accident that Attlee is standing before her - it is her own daughter who was murdered. As Attlee is removed from court, the Judge finds herself staring at the one man who holds the truth of what happened to her own flesh and blood.