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I'm a writer and film director looking for a veteran film producer that knows how to handle an indie project. Right now I have 3 short film films on the table and also 5 feature scripts already written, so there's plenty of work to go around. I am set to direct the short, and I'm hand selecting the cast and crew. I'm really just looking for a producer looking for indie work and someone who can put together a tight budget for this short, and also someone who can get this film seen in festivals. Right now I'm working on starting pre-production in February for the short film Nightcall. The short is a very dark crime thriller(along with the other scripts) if you have experience working in this genre, or if any of this interest you, don't hesitate to shoot me an email, I will send you the script and we can go from there. Serious inquiries only. I will not waste your time if you do not waste mine.

Below is a film reel so you can see the type of quality of my work.


As a television/film/video producer, you'll need to:
• raise funding
• read, research and assess ideas and finished scripts
• commission writers or secure the rights to novels, plays or screenplays
• build and develop a network of contacts
• liaise and discuss projects with financial backers - projects can range from a small, corporate video costing £500 to a multimillion-pound-budget Hollywood feature film
• use computer software packages for screenwriting, budgeting and scheduling
• hire key staff, including a director and a crew to shoot programmes, films or videos
• control the budget and allocate resources
• pull together all the strands of creative and practical talent involved in the project to create a team
• maintain contemporary technical skills
• organise shooting schedules - dependent on the type of producer role and availability of support staff
• troubleshoot
• ensure compliance with relevant regulations, codes of practice and health and safety laws
• supervise the progress of the project from production to post production
• hold regular meetings with the director to discuss characters and scenes
• act as a sounding board for the director
• bring the finished production in on budget.