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United States (USA)

Bel Air

Studios 60 for rent
Good for Film and Residential, located in Bel Air, California
Residential Specifics:
Contemporary Single Story Family Home, 3 Bedroom, 3 Bath, Family Room/ Dining room, Sitting room with central Fireplace, Kitchen/Breakfast area with laundry room, back yard and side yard with pool.
Also available for filming of music videos, student projects, short films, ideal for photo shoot and great for movie production companies looking for shoots and film jobs. We have a studio and different locations for your scenes with wide spaces:

South CYC Stage
Studio Measurement 62x15-8
Cyclorama Wall: 30’x30x12
Floor Space: 50x50
Make-up /Dressing Room: 12-8x15-8
Top Level Crew Lounge: 12x40

North Stage
Studio Measurements 60’x50-18
Make-Up Room/Dressing Room: 8'x30'-8"
Kitchen/Crew Lounge: 12'x20'

Rug Warehouse
Stage Measurements 100’x200’
Raw Stage
Studio Measurements 50’x100

H2O Stage

Rooftop Stage
Lower Roof Measurements
Stage: 50'x220
North Wall:220x10

Office Cubicle

Alley Stage
Alley Way Measurements: 50x1800
Parking is available on site, we can accommodate small and large scale crews at our home.
In house amenities also include make up area with, bathroom and changing area. Our furniture can be moved around but needs to be placed back at end of shoots.

Our wall to wall windows allow natural light to come into the home, we also have curtains covering windows to adjust and manage lighting. Our home is surrounded by hills creating a quiet space as well as a green back drop.

Home is located in a private location with private driveway. There are only two other homes in our street not including the second home we have building in our property expanding our living space. We’d be glad to assist you via email if you have questions and concerns.


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